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At CUSTECH Osara, We are at the forefront of campus innovation.
Discover with us the possibilities of a smart campus.

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Our Vision

The Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara is a State Government owned University in Nigeria. It was established on 10th November, 2020.

Our vision is to give effect to the Nation’s drive for the much-needed self-reliance in Science, Engineering and especially Technology. It is a specialized University of Technology. The University is situated at Osara in Adavi Local government area of the state as Professor Salawu Sadiku becomes the first Vice Chancellor of the new University..

— Vice chancellor CUSTECH

Our Approach

Our vision mandates us to provide an efficient and an integrated Smart campus platform for the electronic integration of core physical campus activities.

We prioritize giving students the best of on-campus and off-campus experience.

We are focused on seamlessly making the learning process for every student on and off-campus easy. Our smart learning module maximizes the overall performance of part and full time CUSTECH students with optimized learning plans, eMaterials and online C.A test and exams for every CUSTECH course.

Our smart learning platform seamlessly provides virtual library and classroom environment for all CUSTECH students and applicants. Including student biometric capture, verification and identification for students.

Our vision also mandates us to optimize the CUSTECH campus financial transaction processes; taking away the bottlenecks and inconsistencies and leaving behind an organized, secured and seamless financial transaction process.

Our smart payment module provides seamless school payments via virtual eWallets funded with either bank cards or USSD codes. Module also manages students transactions including electronic receipts generation..

Our Programs

Pre degree

At CUSTECH pre degree program, we admit and enroll a talented and diverse class of undergraduates who will learn to use science, technology, and other areas of scholarship to serve the nation and the world in the 21st century.


There are over 50 undergraduate programs of confluence university of science and technology Osara. CUSTECH Osara has well qualified instructors and equipment to maintain all of theses programs perfectly

Post graduate

CUSTECH one year On-Campus or off campus Post Graduate Course in is one of the best courses to pursue after graduation. Our courses is fully project-based with a heavy emphasis on imparting practical and hands-on knowledge.

Masters degree

CUSTECH Msc program is a full-time, one-year, on-campus or off campus experience. It is designed for graduate educators, leaders, and innovators seeking an immersive CUSTECH experience, with program options.


The CUSTECH The Doctoral Program in is a unique research program focused on addressing concrete and societally significant problems by combining the analytical tools and methods of statistics and information sciences with engineering and social science tools and methods..


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